Canada News Online: Is Science Under Attack?

A recent story about Fishery and Oceans library closures has sparked the dialogue on the Harper-War-On-Science.  Is it just cost-cutting, or is a conspiracy at foot?

We can’t start a political issue in Canada without some perspective from Rick Mercer himself.

So Stephen Harper has made it clear that he wants to silence as much opposition as he can.  Either with scientists, or within his own cabinet. This plays very much into the Canadian Anti Science Conspiracy. So let’s move on.

In a blog called “Confessions of a Science Librarian” John Dupuis has done a lot of research on the topic. He alerts us to a quote from a Sun News Article.


So now we have a motive. With Stephen Harper’s focus on “jobs and the economy, ” he intends on delivering it by only funding commercially viable science. Considering the value of the tar sands, it makes sense that he would want to support those industries.

Now these accusations aren’t simply the Ramblings of far-left activists.

The report was based on internal government documents previously released through freedom of information requests, along with conversations with current and former federal public servants, journalists, members of non-profit organizations, and professors at Canadian universities.

The CBC let us know that the information commissioner has been asked to review a report on these issues. Hopefully we will hear back soon since the commissioner is already reviewing our access to information systems compared to other countries.

Now, as far as I’m concerned a quick look through John’s work is enough to show you that there is a clear problem in Canada.

Even the Guardian (and here) and the New York Times notice what’s going on here. Nature and Science too. The Economist doesn’t think Canada is cool anymore either and neither does Foreign Policy who use the term “rogue petrostate.” -John

Notice how in this video he has very little to say about the environment.

Stephen Harper would serve his CPC members a lot better by being honest about his policies and explaining that he places people above the environment. It doesn’t conflict with his main message and it would give him more credibility.

By continuing this war on science, he can say he’s keeping the environment in mind, when everyone knows that it’s not a priority at all.

He was elected to keep markets open, and represent conservative policies, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

When they use Omnibus bills to silence decent they aren’t strengthening their movement, they are creating corruption that can be abused.  It doesn’t even have to be abused by the CPC, the liberals (or NDP) can come in and blame them for having such low environmental standards. Don’t forget about the partisan part of politics, all parties like to play the blame game.

In the end, there is very little doubt that the Harper Government hasn’t put the economy above the environment. Some even might consider that a good thing. Even if you do, silencing scientists is not the way to achieve those goals. It only weakens us as a nation.

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